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Designs of our projects are one of the simplest ways to create an eco-friendly building. Good architectural design reduces the need to cool or light up buildings. Ideally, you should harvest light, air and water by using various design strategies. The use of solar-passive methods such as natural cross ventilation or skillful natural day-lighting can significantly bring down the costs as well as the energy needs of a building.

Control Of Water Pollution
Rain water harvesting and ground water recharge is also essential for an eco-friendly development. The harvesting of rainwater basically involves the collection of water from surfaces on which rain falls and storing this water for later use. The process of water soaking into the ground to turn into groundwater is known as groundwater recharge. Rain water can be collected and used in gardens or to wash cars, thereby saving our water resources.

Ecological Conservation
Newtech is based on the concept of Green building that increases the efficiency and use resources like natural light, water, and materials. Building and its surrounding impacts on human health and the environment, through better sitting, design, construction, operation, maintenance.